Our Product - Fitracell

What is Fetracell

Fitracell Collagen Drink comes with Hydrolysed Fish Collagen Peptide (HFCP) specifically formulated to restore the radiance of your skin and the fitness of your joint.

HFCP has a shorter molecular structure as compared to our skin's natural collagen. Nonetheless, due to their similarity, HSCP is easily absorbed. Fitracell actively improves collagen synthesis and repairs damaged collagen fibers to minimize the sign of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and dryness.

Our Lifestyle and the Needs for Fitracell

  • A delicious version of anti-aging drink that offers an upgrade to fit and radiant skin, ligament and tendon.
  • Urbanization and life style changes such as changes in diet habits, physical activities and working pattern eventually bring negative effects to our health, especially on the skin and joint.
  • Fine lines, uneven skin tone, rough skin texture and joint pain are among the signs of aging. These problems can also be due to lesser production of collagen as people age.
  • Fitracell Collagen Drink contains all the ingredients that have been researched and scientifically studied to help in treating the problems listed above. You may have a fit and radiant skin by consuming Fitracell Collagen Drink.

What makes Fitracell different ?

Fitracell uses HALAL hydrolysed collagen, which extracted through advanced technology. The hydrolysed collagen is high in quality and purity, as well as contains no fat. The average size of this small collagen peptide molecule is around 2500 Dalton. It is easily absorbed by the body and helps to effectively increase collagen synthesis at the dermis layer.

Apple fruit juice contains antioxidants which help in cell rejuvenation.

Tomato powder is originating from Switzerland. Lycopene in tomatoes has high singlet-quenching ability and dietary intake of tomatoes assist in protecting the skin from harmful effects on ultraviolet rays.

Acai berry which is indigenous to the Amazon River has been found containing beneficial phyotochemical compounds. Its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are beneficial to assist in delaying the signs of aging, controlling cholesterol levels and maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system.

Sea bucktorn berries Hippophae contains phytochemicals, including vitamin C, minerals, amino acids, and others that are highly beneficial to health. Studies show that sea bucktorn has excellent antioxidant activity and aids in lowering cholesterol levels, improving cardiac function and normalize liver enzymes involved in inflammation of the liver.

Acelora cherry is particularly known for its high content of natural vitamin C, anthocyanins and flavanols. Vitamin C is known to be important in the process of production and stabilization of collagen in the body and protects the skin from damage caused by ultraviolet rays.

Astaxanthin is found to be 65 times more powerful in scavenging free radical as compared to vitamin C, hence protecting our cell from free radical damage. It benefits the skin by attenuating the effects of reactive oxygen species and collagen-degrading enzyme (Matrix Metalloproteinase, MMP), thus allowing skin to regenerate properly.

Lutein is a yellow-to-orange pigment found mostly in plant. Fitracell employs lutein originated from marigold flower from Switzerland. Lutein is concentrated in retinas of our eyes; hence it is a vital component of normal vision. Lutein helps in protecting eyes from the damage of ultraviolet rays and oxidative stress.

Dietary Fiber requires longer time to digest resulting in an increased feeling of full nessand satiety, eventually assistin weight loss by reducing food intake at meals.

Acacia gum is a soluble fiber derived from the sap of the acacia tree. With a high content of soluble fiber, acacia gum can help reduce cholesterol levels, keep blood sugar levels and helps treat digestive problems because of its potential as a good prebiotic.

Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni , a South American native plants is a natural sweetener and 300 times sweeter than cane sugar. Stevia is a source of diterpene glycosides (stevioside and rebaudioside). Their constituent phytonutrients promote caloric balance and can be beneficial components of a healthy dietary lifestyle.


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